Pain Management

Pain Management is the process of providing medical care to reduce, eliminate or prevent the sensation of pain in the body.

Pain Management may include a number of treatment options, which may include medications.

Unfortunately, pain has the potential to impede a patient’s recovery from injury, disease or illness if not properly treated.���� Chronic conditions can be exacerbated by pain and prolonged pain can impact the patient’s quality of life.

The purpose of Pain Management is to allow the patient to live a more comfortable life, to be as pain-free as possible and to improve or maintain the patient���s quality of life.  It is important to us that you understand our approach to pain management; therefore, please click here to read about it in more detail.

If you are experiencing pain, we invite you to schedule an appointment or to see your doctor and ask for a referral.  When you come for your appointment, we will start with a comprehensive evaluation.

We understand the importance of listening to what’s happening in your life so part of your comprehensive evaluation will be to hear your story and what’s been happening with you and your pain.  We will then develop a treatment plan based on your unique needs.  For a complete review of the services we offer, please visit the “Our Services” page.

Our goal is to have our patients live as pain-free a life as is possible.  We know that it may not be possible to eliminate all of your pain.�� We will work with you so that you can be educated on what to expect and we will work with you to implement your treatment plan.���� Your treatment plan may include strategies and tools to help you to assess lifestyle choices that may impact your ability to reduce or eliminate your pain.

We want you to live a more comfortable life.