Our Approach to Pain Management


Pain is a very personal experience and each person’s experience is unique. We take your pain seriously.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat the whole person and we treat you with dignity and respect.������������ We work with you to reduce or eliminate as much of your pain as is possible, in a supportive environment because we want you to  feel welcomed, secure and as happy as possible.

For those situations where the pain cannot be reduced or eliminated, we can work with you and your family to educate you on making adjustments in you daily activities, your habits and your lifestyle choices, as well as in your expectations, with the goal of helping you better tolerate pain.

Dr. Shirley Randal is the founder of the Eastern Shore Pain Management Center in Exmore, VA.

With a good medical history, careful listening to what’s happening in the patient’s life, and the proper use of the treatments available, we work with our patients to reduce or eliminate as much pain as possible.